Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Ambigious Purpose of Escalators

Stacey came in late into work some time ago and proceeded to vent her frustration.

Apparently people were moving too slowly as she walked from the railway station at rush-hour ..... essentially holding her back and preventing her from making up for her lateness.

She grumbled about the people who blocked her on the escalators and did not let her past. They seemed to think that escalators were for convenience and people actually stopped walking up/down the steps. They were wrong!

Escalators, she explained were designed to let people get up/down faster .... you were not supposed to stop and go along for the ride. You were supposed to keep moving so that everyone moved along faster.

An interesting interpretation. I must admit that I have, on occassion, abused the privelege .... and took a little rest on an escalator.