Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Blahs? Not this time!

Just had my ## birthday yesterday - so you at least know I'm into double digits. Not all it should have been but I was actually quite happy for all that.
I think the trick is not to set one's expectations too high. Feeling that the day has to be special and having reality somehow not matching up is a flow-killer. Something like the sad increase in suicides over the holiday period ..... people fell they failed when they aren't as happy as they should be.
While the minor problems encountered are worthy of a separate blog entry the lessons I found in the day are:

  • I determined I was going to have a pleasant but normal day, went to work as usual and just smiled on the inside
  • My secret was safe until my partner had a box of a dozen cup-cakes sent to my work, so my cover was blown but it was a nice surprise and everyone enjoyed the treats
  • It was wonderful to have family and friends send the best wishes - some surprise messages really made me feel good ... and connected
  • And finally, a family dinner with all its dramas, tensions, arguments could not obscure the fact that I was part of a very loving circle.