Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eating an Orange Over the Sink

It was before lunch the other day and I was tempted to have a snack. But I thought better of eating junk and decided to have a good healthy orange - they were in season and looked lucious in the fruit bowl.
Time is a precious thing, so I found myself standing over the sink, peeling the organge and letting the rind fall into the sink. Once peeled, I began eating the orange segments, also over the sink.
The problem is that I got distracted as I was eating the orange and my thoughts wondered. By the time I was in the moment again, I'd finished eating the orange and had almost no recollection of its taste. I had mechanically consumed this beautiful fruit.
My next thought was that perhaps I should have another orange - and concentrate on the flavours this time - but I really did not feel hungry any more.
What a wasted experience .... next time I'm going to eat from a plate at a table and savour the moment.