Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lucky Yellow Elastic Band

Back a long time there was this game we used to play with elastic (rubber) bands.
The objective of the game is simple - acquire as many elastic bands (of the multi-coloured variety) as you can and show others of your success in this nobel objective by placing your collection on your wrist.
The rules of the game required that you don't just buy the elastic bands (although you had to start somewhere of course and buying the initial collection was necessary) but instead won them of your opponents through a show of skills. I need to describe the rules in full someday .... or find them elsewhere on the internet but suffice to say that you "won" based upon your accuracy in shooting down elastic bands placed on a stand which holds the "pot" of bands contributed (equally) by each player. To make it fair, the shooting order was determined by each player positioning themselves a distance away from the target stand, with the farthest player away having the first shot.
Now the whole reason for all this set-up is that there was always a special elastic band designated the "shooter" .... similar to marbles, eh? ..... and I wanted here to recollect my all-time favourite yellow elastic band.
It was the best shooter ever ... and when I had it in my hands I just knew I would win .... and I usually did. The confidence it gave me was tremendous .... sure it was a nice stretchy band but I performed so well with that lucky-shooter that it exceeded any physical perfection of the band itself.
It was a totally mental edge I had when I used that yellow elastic band .... I was unassailable and my wealth in elastic bands leapt.
Until, that is, the inevitable happended and the band eventually broke!