Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tokyo Nights

So the family go to this little hole in the wall Japanese restaurant for my birthday .... providing a case study in flow-busting events.
It starts with getting there. The city is crazy on a Thursday night - yes, it's late-night-shopping ... didn't think of that, did we.
I make a spontaneous decision to try Tokyo Nights (not its real name) - a restaurant I have always passed but never eaten at. It is in the basement of an old building and the enterance is down a few steps. It is dark, with seating booths - I immediately like the place, even though I nearly kill myself tripping on an unseen step, but not everyone is impressed.
The first thing my wife does is use the restroom (it's a cold night) and that proves to be a mistake. Dark and dingy may be ok, but unclean restrooms are not easily forgiven.
The food is adequate, but not really enough. Japanese food is not exactly filling at the best of times but the serves are minuscule so we're not completely satisfied. I don't worry because I'm thinking we can get some ice cream as we walk around.
Finally, the bill comes ... now that's a real flow-buster! I guess we ordered quite a few dishes to fill up. Still, it was definitely not worth the price.
The family are all pretty grumpy now and my suggestion of going for a stroll around the waterfront is not welcome. Apparently it is a really cold night, and my troop are not impressed with the idea of a walk. I persist and lead the way .... it really is blowing a gale out. I decide not to suggest ice cream, after all. Instead, we do a Chevy Chase at the really spectacular view - you know, stop, look, and then go turn to go home - pity, but it really is a cold night.
All together an interesting evening .... strangely, I still had a grand time with my family, just because they were all around me. Yes, they could not escape it on this occasion, so I guess even a series of minor flow-busters cannot always change our mood.