Friday, October 17, 2008

Alternative to Time Saving Tips?

I found an article on Time Saving Tips on CNN and, as I often do, I kept it aside to read later. Yes, I know, that could be called procrastination - but I like to think it is just parking it for a more appropriate time.

Anyway, I did get back to read it. Just now in fact and I found it somewhat ..... how can I say this .... disappointing and flat? Please, don't misunderstand me. It is not simply about the author, who like any blogger has exposed herself and her life philosophies to the world, making it easy for those of us who like an organized sock-drawer to cringe at her description of domestic order.

No, it is something else. Something I have felt a number of times when I meet highly organized and effective people who try and apply time-management to their entire lives. I am struggling to describe it but it is about the hollowness of all that "order". I can't help but think they aren't enjoying life somehow ..... all that efficient, mechanistic processing of information and events. I can see its application at work but ..... the recording of TV shows, the skipping past the adverts, getting someone else to scrub your floors, to roast your turkey? I know, we all do some aspects of this of course, but string them all together and it seems to me you pay little respect to life's nuances. Even if you enjoy work and make that your focus, it seems so self-indulgent to push aside the other dimensions of human existence - outsourcing key life activities and squeezing them into highly efficient little time-boxes is somehow disrespectful.

What is all that time-saving for .... what are they doing that is so important? How are they so sure of their purpose - that the thing they are choosing to spend their precious time on is the right thing.

I guess I think enjoyment comes from a different place ..... I'm not yet figured out how to explain it but I have been suspicious that there is may be some inherent conflict between efficiency and flow. Can it be that time-management and flow are mutually exclusive? This needs to be explored further .....