Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holidays, Productivity and the Inevitable Costs

Holidays are such pleasant escapes .... they provide an excuse to let everything slide.
Just a concentrated version of what has been happening anyway .... isn't contemplating life just another distraction to mundane work.
Still, holidays do shake, or perhaps it is just gently stir, one's view of what is important. So easy to just idle away the day - reading, walking .... and lots of eating. Priorities go on hold .... and in the space created there is nothing to do but think.
Dangerous thoughts!
About the value of the work we do. And how our pleasures seem to be quite distinct from absorbs us at work. And how little we need to actually be contented.
If holidays did not have to end, they would represent a longer-term danger to productivity. Of course, they do have to come to an end because all that contentedness comes at a price and we have to pay handsomely for our escape.