Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on Time Saving Tips

I have more points to raise on time-management and flow .... but for now here is an explanation for my gut reaction to some of the tips in the previously discussed CNN article.

I have found with some very close (but nameless :-) family members that time saving can interpreted as an excuse to take short-cuts. I guess the old project management mantra of balancing schedule, cost and quality is relevant here. If we just fixate on just one dimension then the other two are likely to suffer neglect. So one person's time saving tip (unmatched socks in the article) is another person's poor quality (unacceptable messiness).

I have seen some major family flare-ups due to this kind of mismatch of goals. When one individual spends all day cooking something special for a party and another just whips out to get some take-away, there is likely to be some fall-out. There is a real likelihood of conflict (and indeed, I have seen it happen) because there is an inequality of effort that can be interpreted as a lack of "respect" for the event.

Possibly, someone misread the occasion .... but if the person who brought the take-away actually thinks they are being efficient, while the cook considers them simply lazy ....... then there will be blood.