Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where are all the CRAZY people?

I just saw the beautiful film Caramel last night - highly recommended but some might say it is a "chick-flick". Its effect on me has caught me off-guard and I am still working through some points ..... but one somewhat tangential thought occurred to me as I mulled it over the movie: where are all the crazy, eccentric people in my world?
While the old lady in the film is definitely somewhat senile, if not completely demented, she made the lives and experiences of those around her richer and textured. Maybe it is just my small circle, but I don't see the extremes much in our modern society. If people get a little "strange" we ship them off to the retirement villages or hospices or whatever asylums we create for such people.
The result is that only shiny, healthy people are around most of the time .... what an imbalanced view of life. It may suit us because it is certainly inconvenient to have the eccentric and somewhat weird folk around - are they not aggravating when we occasionally see them on the bus, or train, or on the street?
But I'm wondering that while it can seem more efficient to have the more unpleasant side of society hidden away (less distracting - more productive) maybe we are missing out of a complete life experience when we do that.