Friday, October 10, 2008

Writing a Book (Part I)

I just went "public" with my family about my attempt to write a book about flow - here is the story in a to-be-determined number of parts.
As a "man of ideas" I knew that the idea of writing a book would not be taken very seriously by my wife. She often complains that I "play with her". What she means is that I use her as a sounding board for my ideas without any real intention of following through.
The fact is that I appreciate her views, but she gets pretty tired of my ideas that for the most part go nowhere. She says that she has grown immune to my plans and schemes and no longer "bites" because it is all really mental masturbation with little chance of consummating anything (nice metaphor, eh?).
So I knew the book idea was going to have little chance of being taken seriously. The only way to get her attention was to "just do it" and show her the results.
I therefore hatched the plan at the start of September to commence writing a simple book on flow and today's high-achievers - basically extending and elaborating on the theme of this blog. Of course I needed a goal and so I planned to have a draft published at the end of the month to coincide with my wife's birthday in early October. Somewhat aggressive a timeline you might say but it was only a draft and I needed a challenge to motivate me.
I still think it was a good plan - pity about the execution.