Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blog Analytics a Real Flow Buster

So I mentioned how I was blogging in order to attain flow ... I have been getting some satisfaction from the blog which I am using as a means of working through some ideas in my head; sifting and ordering them as a means of developing some insights into flow and happiness.

Very idealistic ..... but to have flow one also need feedback.

To date I have been happy to see my posts appear on this blog and received some comfort from the fact that I have been blogging consistently for over a month now and becoming more comfortable with the idea ..... more efficient and confident too, as it is now less of a drama to write about any particular topic.

But is there anybody out there, I ask myself. Of course there does not need to be .... I'm doing this for myself .... an intrinsic goal to use the language of flow. I don't need any external substantiation for this activity, it is a purely personal goal.

So I wonder why then I setup Google Analytics so I could see if anyone was visiting this site ..... now I'm depressed. I know this is just my "secret diary" but hey, in the whole blog sphere I have had about four other random visitors.

On a brighter note, I now have another feedback mechanism .... but what a flow buster it has been to date! If I stop blogging it is because I have been fooling myself .... I really do want some form of recognition .... all that talk about blogging for my personal satisfaction is just a load of bullocks.