Friday, November 7, 2008

Slow Food and Flow

I have been wanting to look at the slow food movement for some time ..... I find the concept compelling and relevant to everyone seeking to control their inner-wolf.

Talking about the joys of cooking for family and friends (and of course yourself - more on that later) it seems obvious that we should look at the enjoyment of food ... which is of course where the slow food movement comes in - as a protest against fast-food.

There should be some law of proportionality that draws a relationship between the time it takes to prepare a meal and the time we should take to consume it. The next step after lovingly preparing a meal is to savour the result and make a ceremony of its consumption.

The ceremony is the respect that we pay for the gift of food .... like the old fashioned idea of saying "grace." While food is of course necessary for survival, how we feed ourselves .... whether we deavour our food or savour it ..... is the measure of civilized behaviour. But more importantly, it can be a measure of flow!