Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hunger Derives from Darwinism?

Saw this interesting documentary on Charles Darwin (ref. to come).

At the heart of evolution is the simple concept of Natural Selection ..... the drive for species (and so individual members of that group) to stay alive.

As we all live in an ecosystem Natural Selection was described as an Arms Race where we are constantly in competition. The example used was that as the Lion gets better at the hunt, so its prey is also getting better at evading the Lion.

So I guess it is little wonder that deep in the human soul there is a Hunger ..... a survival instinct ..... that we are not in control off and cannot simply switch-off.

For all our civilization's pomp and circumstance, Darwin would suggest we are just animals battling for survival - both with each other, and at a more fundamental level with all other creatures in creation.