Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on Flow and Mojo

According to this site a precise definition of Mojo is something people might carry or wear, a small fabric bag. Its definition continues:

The mojo could contain numerous things, herbs, small, carved symbols or fetishes, or papers on which prayers or petitions were written. Usually a mojo is not displayed and is hidden under clothing ..... The migration of the term mojo into today’s language is mainly due to its use in 20th century rhythm and blues songs. However though the word still refers to a source of power, it doesn’t necessarily refer to a mojo bag. Instead mojo may simply mean magic or spells. Frequently, mojo is connected to the sexual potency of males, with females able to strip the mojo from males.

So while Mojo is technically a small fabric bag that contains some rememberances and charms, it represents (at least in my possibly convenient interpretation) a person's raison etre - reminder of what makes life worthwhile and from which we can draw strength.

That somehow reminds me of the Vodophone ad showing how we store all our "emotional possessions" in our mobile phones - music, photo's, maps and even access to our friends. So maybe the modern day equivalent of the Mojo Bag is the little mobile phones that we carry around everywhere.

Without these rememberences and charms what differentiates our lives from thousands of other people? What gives us our uniqueness .... and defines our own goals, our motivations, our joys, our happiness? My friend, it all can be collected into a little box - or bag - that we can take on life's journeys.