Friday, May 10, 2013

Are we happy now?

It's been nearly four and a half years since I last posted anything here ..... does that mean I have attained happiness? Or perhaps I have just given up looking for it!
Maybe we get less hungry with age ...
I told someone the other day that I was not scared to die, more scared to live on and on and on ....
I had a medical examination not long ago and had to go under a general anaesthetic ... completely knocked me out for an hour. Completely! For an hour! No more, no less ... precisely an hour.
The anaesthetist (or more precisely a nurse) weighed me and then administered the drug through the drip feeding into my arm. I was unconscious in a few seconds even as I looked at the clock noting that it had been an hour since I checked into the hospital.
And as I came to it was a clock on the wall that I first saw. An hour again ... these guys had a system. And in that hour I had been probed and prodded but had no recollection.
If only we could be put to sleep like that ... no dramas, no pain.
Just good night!