Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blogging for flow ....

I intimated to someone that I was so fixated on the concept of flow that I was blogging on the subject. I explained that I was working through the idea of flow and how one could make it a life-philosophy.

Ok, I didn't actually use those words .... but even as I was talking I realized that was not the whole story ..... it is in a sense the other way round.

I'm blogging to gain flow!

If these thoughts just rattled around in my head I'd become really frustrated. There is tremendous release in getting them down .... even as they are not fully formed ideas. Blogging for me is therefore a bit like solo-brainstorming.

Brainstorming as a group often follows a familiar pattern. The first step is usually just to collect all the ideas and write them down in little post-it notes. Then we step back and try to find some patterns that can be used to group the ideas until, finally, themes become apparent and we achieve order!

Sounds like a creative process to me .... and in a sense each blog entry is an idea that can be elaborated upon and sifted and sorted in the future. And see, right there in writing that down I have an insight.

I've been trying to understand our hunger for seeking flow at the top reaches of human achievement ..... and there I find in my rant one that certainly drive me .... ORDER!

So there it is .... something to blog about next time.
Why blog because you're interested in something ....