Friday, November 21, 2008

The State of Modern Publishing: Blog vs Book

I just read that a major publication in my area of interest is going out of print ... and becoming a web-only magazine. Tragic!

What's a guy to do at the airport when you need something to read on the flight? Until they install Wi-Fi on the airplanes we just have the airline's own magazine to keep us occupied.

I guess that raises the bigger (?) question of whether books will survive in the long run run or whether blogging and online content will become the mainstay of publishing.

The Brazen Careerist, a blog I find intriguing for numerous reasons I'd like to explore more, gave five reasons why not to write a book. In summary, the reasons are:
1. People who have a lot of ideas need a blog, not a book
2. A book is an outdated way to gain authority
3. Books lead to speaking careers, but speaking careers often lead nowhere
4. You'll make more money per hour flipping burgers than writing a book
5. When you're feeling lost, a book won't save you

Interesting points but a number of visitors have commented that Penelope Trunk, the blogger behind the site, has written a book herself. I think that gives her more authority on the subject myself.

Anyway, I admit to not having a clue where the fl0w-wolf blog is heading .... but right now it is akin to a hobby for a guy who has bigger problems than figuring out where his blog is going!