Monday, August 4, 2008

That Other Meaning of "Pace"

I think it is telling that most of us would associate the word pace with speed - certainly I do, so if nothing else it says something about me.
I have not run a scientific experiment on this subject but it would make an interesting little quiz to give our friends to check this out how they interpret the word.
The fact is that there appear to be about twenty five definitions for the word pace in the dictionary and I have for a very long time been thinking of living my life based, not on the common understanding of the work, but on its meaning as a "measured and regular steps". With this interpretation, pace becomes a more calming term and I had wanted to use it to order my life experiences, so that I did not want things before they were appropriate.
In this way, pacing myself was a goal I had so that I did not suffer from the dissatisfaction that comes from seeing others achieve milestones and feeling inadequate with one's own progress in life. Yes, in some ways it is an excuse for some perceived failure, but instead of giving up on the goal in frustration we can still work towards it but with greater determination and assurance that our time will come without having to rush things.
Hence, we can continue towards our goal without being too distracted by others' successes (or failures) .... like marching to the beat of your own drum.